Coronavirus Update

Spring 2020 Senior Design Showcase has been cancelled

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With the health and well-being of our guests and community in mind, the College of Engineering & Computing (CEC) has decided to cancel the Spring 2020 Senior Design Showcase. Students and faculty members will continue to perform their academic work remotely until the end of the spring semester. The senior design/capstone projects will be evaluated and graded by the CEC faculty based on the remote learning, teaching and grading guidelines, protocols and policies implemented by the university

CEC Senior Design Showcase

The senior design showcase brings several undergraduate students from different disciplines to showcase their final products as family, friends and industry affiliates come out to watch them demonstrate their projects. Nearly 500 seniors present their team-based projects that focus on their knowledge in several engineering and computing disciplines such as Materials, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Biomedical, Civil, Environmental as well as Internet of Things (IoT), Information Technology, Computer Science, and Construction Management.

The students spend their last year in college cultivating original ideas, advanced designs, and innovative solutions to create practical solutions for industry problems through the course called “Senior Design Capstone”. The capstone is a culmination of all the courses the students are exposed to throughout their studies. The showcase provides a platform where the capstone projects are demonstrated to the public.