Event Preparation Checklist

Event Preparation Checklist


Your project is now ready, but what’s next? How can you better prepare yourself for the Senior Design Showcase that will take place on 4/19/2024 at Ocean Bank Convocation Center (OBCC)

The Senior Design Showcase is a public event, welcoming industry executives, recruiters, alumni, FIU faculty, staff and your fellow Panthers. When preparing for the day of the event, keep in mind that industry professionals and recruiters may have open positions for hiring. This is your opportunity to spotlight your academic achievements.

Review the checklist below to be fully prepared for the Senior Design Showcase:

Before the event:

  • Review your poster board and other items to make sure there are no grammar or spelling issues
  • Run your presentation with your team before the event and be prepared for questions industry professionals and recruiters may ask you
  • If you are currently in the job search process, print several copies of your resume and bring them with you to the event. Need feedback on your resume? You can use Vmock, upload on FIU Handshake or stop by the Career & Talent Development office at EC 2852 during drop-in hours to get your resume critiqued.
  • Prepare professional attire to wear at the event:
    • Avoid wearing shirts with busy patterns; the focus should be on you.
    • Teams that wear polos: Be consistent in appearance with slacks, knee length skirts, wrinkle-free polos tucked in and dress shoes.
  • Complete the FERPA Release Form as requested by your Faculty Coordinator

During the event

  • Leave a positive and lasting impression to the guests of the event:
    • Be mindful of your body language. Smile and make the employer/recruiter feel welcomed at your booth by greeting them with a firm handshake, keeping eye contact throughout your presentation and using your hands to communicate ideas.
    • Dress professionally
    • Do not chew gum
    • Avoid using your phone unless it’s an emergency
    • Resist keeping your hands in your pockets; it can make you look too casual or uninterested.
    • Do ensure each group member gets a chance to speak with the guests visiting your table
  • When you’re about to present your project, be sure to introduce your group members and give the topic of the project.
  • Explain what influenced your topic, what hardships did you face, what did you learn from your project and what impact does your project have on the industry and community?
  • Have a pitch in mind to deliver to recruiters that includes the following:
    • Background of project
    • Your skills and any hands-on experience
    • How skills and job interests may possibly relate to the senior design project
    • Your career interests and possibly what you may know about the company speaking to you

After the event

  • Send a thank you note to your peers and mentors
  • If you received the contact information of an employer/recruiter for a job, touch base with them via e-mail to show you are interested and ready to hit the workforce running; at least thank them for their time and participating in the Showcase.
  • Celebrate the achievement and enjoy commencement!